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Find the peace, healing, and freedom you've been searching for. 


All too many of us are feeling overwhelmed, overworked and like we've lost ourselves along the way. Even if you feel like a "hot mess," I can assure you that there is so much HOPE.

Know that you are sooo much more than what you might currently be feeling and experiencing. Let's help you find greater joy, connection and bliss. With my unique approach to deep emotional healing and deep passion for helping women reclaim their spark, I'd love to support you in finally setting yourself free to live and love your everyday life.

You are not alone.

Finally calm the storm.Peace within yourself, your home and your life really is possible.

Finally calm the storm.
Peace within yourself, your home and your life really is possible.

find true peace every day.

—Grateful Mother and working woman—

I met Andrea through an invite to a group guided meditation. It was a beautiful experience. I reached out to Andrea for individual sessions to help me become less reactive to my son who was struggling with severe mental illness. I was so triggered and reacted in ways that I knew were not helpful and felt really out of control. I was surprised at what we did in our sessions because they were not directly about my relationship with my son. However, after just 6
sessions, I was NO LONGER TRIGGERED. My son began improving more and when the counselor asked what made the difference he said, "Mom is less reactive." My husband said it changed everything in our home. I had always WANTED to be a great mom and tried so, so hard, but my childhood programming was getting in the way. It amazed me that the few sessions we did WORKED. I was changed and that changed my family. The change was so profound and it was remarkable that it only took a few sessions of her very special type of emotional processing and life coaching work. I was always skeptical of therapists, especially as I saw my son and others go for weeks and months and years with very
little positive to show for it. So Grateful

The change was so profound and remarkable.

—Mother, Entrepreneur, Lost and Found—

I came to see Andrea during a period of uncertainty and fear following a lot of loss—a heartbreaking divorce, death of a family member, change in religious beliefs, loss of old friends and lifestyle. Grief can leave a wide gaping hole across our mental, physical and emotional systems, and Andrea helped me fill myself back up with unconditional love and support. She taught me how to feel and access those things for myself while I felt broken so that I could practice them and be my own healer. She sent me with beautiful guided meditation audio files that I practiced daily and could feel myself getting stronger than ever before, more myself, more in my own authentic power. I was able to access forgiveness and healing through the NLP work we did for things I had been carrying for decades. The tools she gave me and the experiences I’ve had in sessions, and following, have helped me be able to access unification with my higher self and recalibrate quickly when life gets challenging. Her beautiful heart and spiritual gifts and extensive training have been such a gift in my life.”

...recalibrate quickly when life gets challenging

—a grateful wife and mother of 6—

"In the past I have had years of counseling and therapy. Those experiences were helpful for me in many ways but after I met with Andrea for only two or three sessions, I moved through several issues that I had previously worked on for decades with very little to show for it. The
healing was immediate when I worked with Andrea and I felt free to be my truest self in ways I hadn’t been able to before. Additionally, when I have tried to work through things in the past the issues often resurfaced before very long and clearly hadn’t been completely healed. When I have worked with Andrea, the issues I have addressed have never resurfaced, even over two years later. Through my work with her I have been able to give myself permission to trust my intuition and to know what is best for me instead of always second guessing myself. My work with her has truly changed my life in dramatic and positive ways that affect me every single day.

The healing was immediate.

—Mother, Wife, Community worker.—

When I came to Andrea, I was a mess. I couldn’t have a week without multiple anxiety attacks and nights were sleepless. My husband couldn't help me and my medication wasn’t taking enough of the edge off. One day my doctor recommended I see Andrea. Andrea got me in right away and I started to feel relief in our first session. I had no idea what I had been holding onto and felt liberated after working through past trauma and emotional baggage. Things I thought I was over were being re-triggered on a daily basis and kept putting me into a debilitating state. Andrea, lovingly, helped me work through the triggers and showed me a path of peace. I walked away understanding myself and others in my life. I felt safe, heard, understood and loved. I am so much more calm, can sleep through the night and feel more engaged with my family everyday. My kids, my husband and myself are so grateful that Andrea taught me what she did. She taught me so much and I am forever grateful. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to understand themselves more and step into a more peaceful way of living.

Once was a mess and now is whole.

—andrea faye

Your mind will believe whatever you tell it to. Feed it love. Feed it Truth.