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Whether it be an afternoon event or an 8 day series, my workshops and trainings can help you with anything from faith transition to basic understanding yourself 101.

Learn how to communicate, process your emotions, reconstruct the way you view yourself, and find relief and trust in yourself. Your life will never be the same.

Be Open. Be Curious.

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Meet with Andrea and discover what is holding you back. Receive some personal tools to help you move through what obstacles lay ahead. Tools could include one of the following; a personal MP3 Hypnosis, NLP processing, Coaching, Meditation or Reiki support.

Private clients receive private pricing based on the individual program recommended to create the desired results. Programs are 6-12 sessions each and determined after the first consultation.

Schedule a free consultation and together let's discover your next steps. 

Private Coaching

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 Vibeonix is a voice technology that uses the vibration of your voice to give biofeedback on your emotional and mental well being. This guided learning experience provides simple tools and resources for personal growth, healing, and connection through self-awareness.

Vibeonix Assessment

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I've said it time and again, you've got this! And it's true!  

Lean into the process with me. I will take you through a guided meditation that will get down to the core of who you are and reinforce the skills you'll need to realign yourself as you move through life! 

Make An Impact On Your Heart

—andrea faye

Your mind will believe whatever you tell it to. Feed it love. Feed it Truth.